Why Grow My Search?

Regular search engines like Google and Yahoo! don't let you search more websites than the websites the search engine company allows you to.

With Grow My Search, you can. Suitable for professionals who need more information than the ordinary. Be informed with Grow My Search. A Japanese patent has been granted for Grow My Search on January, 2022. (JP,7002804,B) We are applying for patents in other parts of the world.


Grow My Search was created by Tsubasa Kato, a search engineer with certificates from MIT on applied cyber security and big data.

We created a search engine that enables users to search deeper into the web with ease.

Tsubasa Kato's first search engine, Mohawk Search was created back in 2003 using Perl. We have moved on to SuperAI.online, and now the main product is Grow My Search.


Our goal and mission is to create a new environment and spearhead to make a truly new experience for the user. We are now collaborating with a team in India to make an drill down function as of 4/21/2022.

New! A Simple Version was created for easy use.

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