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10/21/2023: Concept for Container-based Mobile Search Appliance.

The need for information gathering is anticipated in emergency situations such as disasters, wars, and conflicts. This solution is a solution that can mobilize the command and information gathering functions for defense and disaster recovery situations by means of containers.
We are currently in the concept stage and are looking for partners to co-create this vision with us.

We have experience and knowledge in HPC, edge technology, and GPGPU search technology.
We are available for fast idea and concept creation using the latest generative AI.

We can enable high bandwidth communications using Starlink and other satellite communications for command and control and search / information retrieval functions in locations without internet infrastructure.
Inspire Search's unique customizable servers enable speedy collection of up-to-date information with low power consumption and high speed processing. This solution is highly effective when mission-critical events occur.

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Container Based Mobile Search Appliance

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