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Discussion with Google Bard on how to expand the LLM based seed expander
Tsubasa Kato had a discussion with Google's Bard on how to expand the LLM based seed expaender - web crawler source code.
Take a look at it here:


LLM based seed expander - web crawler source code is on GitHub!

We are developing a LLM based seed expander - web crawler. We have released the source code in development.

Language: Python 3 https://github.com/stingraze/llm-seed-url-generator

Tsubasa Kato (CEO of Inspire Search) wrote an article on medium explaining what the LLM based seed expander - web crawler does.
Visit here for the article: https://stingraze.medium.com/llm-based-web-crawler-9e79fdbf7d0b


Grow My Search for Android is out on Google Play!

We have released Grow My Search for Android on Google Play! It is available for free.
Get it on Google Play


New Advertisement for Grow My Search App is Out!

New brochure Made!
We uploaded a new brochure for Grow My Search / Inspire Search. (PDF) Download here.


We updated the Portfolio Page.

We added the demo of a web crawler that uses NVIDIA GPU with BERT, PyTorch and CUDA.

Go Check it Out!


We have been accepted to the Yext Startup Program!

Inspire Search is delighted to announce that we have been accepted to Yext Startup Program. We will be providing a new experience for our search products. Please stay tuned!


Metaphor.systems is added as a source search engine on Grow My Search

Metaphor is added as a source search engine for Grow My Search.
Metaphor is an AI search engine based in San Francisco.

5/3/2023 GPT Assistant for Grow My Search is out.

Download Grow My Search app on Apple's App Store to use it!

The Grow My Search app for iPhone / iPad / Apple Silicon is now free to download! We will really appreciate if you can send feedback!


We released Grow My Search App on Apple's App Store!
Grow My Search
Download on the App Store

We made an alpha version of GPT-4 Assistant for Grow My Search. Watch the video here.

Tsubasa Kato, Inspire Search Corporation's CEO was interviewed by ANI News. Watch the video on YouTube here.


Tsubasa Kato, Inspire Search Corporation's CEO attended G20 - B20 in Imphal, India as a delegate from Japan from February 17th to 19th.


Tsubasa Kato, Inspire Search Corporation's CEO has been awarded an US patent. (US 11,556,602 B2)
Go to USPTO site


We are currently developing Grow My Search for Mac. It will be released to the App Store soon.
Here is the video of the app in development. (YouTube)


We launched Grow My Search on Product Hunt! Visit us here:
Grow My Search - Grow Your Own Search Engine. | Product Hunt

11/18/2022 We uploaded the demo video of Grow My Search's HeavyDB GPGPU search extension on YouTube.
11/6/2022 We finished building the alpha version of the HeavyDB GPGPU search extension for Grow My Search, and will be publishing to the public after testing.
10/30/2022 We uploaded the HeavyDB GPGPU search function demonstration on our portfolio page.
9/29/2022 We are developing a GPGPU database extension for Grow My Search using AWS's GPU server.
Inspire Search Corporation is now a community member of NVIDIA Inception Program!
7/18/2022 Software Page made - Grow My Search for Windows (Alpha) is now available.
Download from Here.
5/28/2022 We made a demo of Grow My Search's Beta Function of searching arxiv.org.
1/20/2022 Tsubasa Kato, our CEO has been granted patent in Japan. JP,7002804,B (特許第7002804号)
Check it out at "経過情報" on J-PlatPat

YouTube Playlist This is a Playlist of Grow My Search / 育てる検索's demo on YouTube.

Search Engine Algorithm Design

We can provide original search engine ranking for MariaDB / MySQL.

Price: $299 USD ~

Search Engine Site Building

Our search engineer has over 19 years of search engine building experience.

Price: $2,500 per search engine site.

Please use the form below for a quote. Free consultation available.

Search Engine Algorithm using quantum computer

We can build and design a search algorithm using quantum computer.

Sample Source Code on GitHub:
Quantum Shuffle Ranking Algorithm (Uses ProjectQ)
Quantum Multithread Web Crawler Controller (Uses Qiskit)
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Next Generation Search Engine

8/8:2023: We renewed a brochure for Grow My Search. (PDF) Download here.
7/17:2021: We uploaded our draft idea for a NFT art based on search results. Download here.
Contact: ts[email protected] for details.
6/25/2021: Published Unexamined Patent Application is now public.


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